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Because she had so much practice looking for all sorts of things while she was working in a solicitor's office, Brodie Farrell has become so good at finding them that she hangs out a shingle "Looking for Something?

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Charles Merrick doesn't really exist—Brodie's quarry is actually a math teacher named Daniel Hood—and neither does Selina Boyle. Instead, a trio of unknown miscreants wants to find Daniel so that they can take him prisoner for two days, torture him with burning cigarettes and a lighter, shoot him in the chest, and leave him for dead. When Brodie reads about his death in the Dimmock Sentinel , she calls on DI Jack Deacon to confess her unwitting role in the crime, and discovers, in the first of many deceptions smartly unmasked, that Daniel's still alive.

The only way she can make amends for what she cost him is by helping him find somebody in turn—his three tormentors and the reason they were so sure he knew what had happened to the "Sophie" whose name they kept hurling at him in between smokes. But through their scars, the Castlemere triumvirate of Shapiro, Graham, and Donovan has acquired an emotional depth that pushes this series to the front ranks of British procedurals. Sent off on a holiday to recuperate from a near-fatal attack The Hireling's Tale, , Castlemere CID sergeant Cal Donovan has barely maneuvered his narrow boat ten miles up the canal from home when delirium from pneumonia sets in.

When he awakens days later, he's in the care of secretive Sarah Turner, her fey, slow-witted granddaughter Elphie, and autocratic Dr. Chapel, informal paterfamilias to the close-knit villagers of East Beckham. Meanwhile, Donovan's superiors, Supt. Frank Shapiro and Insp. Liz Graham, short-handed and overwhelmed by an urban terrorist who has intimated he could easily taint supermarket yogurt with botulism, pour acid into the school showers, and douse the baby lotion at the chemist's with a caustic contaminant, try to recall Donovan by mobile phone and, when he can't be reached, send out a search party.

They find his boat, his dog, his warrant card, but not Donovan, whom they presume to have drowned. Stunned by grief and outraged by the threat of Castlemere vigilantes, Graham and Shapiro concentrate on their immediate problems, sending the perp scurrying to a children's home to lob vials of plague at the residents.

Even if they can somehow thwart the madman and his self-appointed scourges, they wonder, how can they face the prospect of a Castlemere CID without Donovan? The naked Jane Doe was found first, looking as if she—d gone seventy rounds with a heavyweight champ before being dropped, dead, into a canal boat. Then came the dead sheep, shot three times for no apparent reason. Finally, Wicksy, a harmless, homeless bloke, was used for target practice by someone a fair piece away, for reasons unfathomable. Suddenly, dull Castlemere is a scene of carnage, perhaps at the hand of a top-class assassin.

Before the villains have time to reload, Supt. Frank Shapiro, Insp. Liz Graham, and Sgt. Cal Donovan are on the case, focusing on a conference staged by Philip Kendall, sales director of Bespoke Engineering. Indications are that the dead girl was a prostitute, perhaps servicing one of Bespoke's visiting customers. While inquiries are made, Maddie Cotterick, another working girl, goes missing, and someone takes a potshot at Kendall, hitting Shapiro instead and landing him in hospital with a bullet lodged perilously close to his spine.

A replacement officer is sent, but it is a ruminating Shapiro who makes the connection between the sheep, the homeless man, and the dead girl, while Graham wrestles with station personalities and Donovan is sent off to retrieve Maddie, placing him repeatedly in the assassin's path. A semi-downbeat ending finds one more dead, Shapiro verging on retirement, and Graham contemplating control of the station house. A neat balancing act, switching smoothly from character study to puzzle unraveling. If the villain does turn unexpectedly mawkish at the end, Bannister still provides plenty to send new readers back to Broken Lines and the other Castlemere yarns.

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This time, the department's biggest headache is the small-time crookery carried on mostly by Roly Dickens, his teenaged son Mikey, and their little gang of followers. Then one day Donovan, taking his bike in for a gas-up, finds Mikey Dickens attempting a robbery.

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After striking Donovan with his gun, Mikey flees in his van, with Donovan in hot pursuit. Seconds later, the van has crashed into a car driven by schoolteacher Pat Taylor, and Mikey is trapped in a vehicle that's ready to explode at any minute. The teacher seems hysterical but uninjured, so Donovan, at considerable risk, frees Mikey from the van—in time's nick. Later, as Donovan tries to build a case of armed robbery against Mikey, he's frustrated by the disappearance of the gun, undoubtedly hidden by Roly. All of this pales when Mikey is found beaten nearly to death and Donovan's prints are all over the weapon.

Shapiro reluctantly removes Donovan from the case, but Liz Graham continues to seek out the true assailant. She finds her quarry and an over-the-top motive in an unexpected quarter, barely in time to save Donovan from Roly Dickens's revenge.

Recommended Reading - British Police A-I

As much character study as complex puzzle, with some sensitive thinking on the nature of friendship and trust—and with the psychological pressures behind the mayhem made convincing and believable. Solidly readable, divertingly different. First published in the UK as The Mason Codex , this neat suspenser tells the story of Annie Meredith, a proper Welsh schoolmistress of a certain age, and the Mexican half-brother whose existence she never learns of till after he's dead in a crowded truck ferrying illegal immigrants across the border to Texas.

Was he traveling with a group of illegals being smuggled by lordly American collector Raoul Mason? Squeezed together with the desperate human cargo into a dark, airless compartment of a truck whose driver they can't communicate with, Annie and Chico know that any number of things could go wrong, and Bannister The Primrose Convention, p. Taut, accomplished lesser work from one of the field's most underrated practitioners. Most people wouldn't think of consulting an advice columnist for help when their brothers go walkabout, but then most advice columnists are nothing like Primrose Holland, who edits the women's page for the Skipley Chronicle and contributes her own column, filled with such inimitably tactful recommendations as a bagpipe reveille for an elderly bird-watcher troubled by nocturnally noisy neighbors.

So it's only natural that Fiona Morris should ask Rosie to stick her nose into the business of Philip Morris's disappearance. Is he really off watching birds in the Shetlands, as a scribbled postcard attests, or has he been spirited away from his Edinburgh rooms as part of some deep-dyed criminal enterprise?

Joining forces with Arthur Prufrock, the old bird- watcher who likes his quiet, and Prufrock's second-sighted gardener Shad Lucas, Rosie sets off from the Midlands to Edinburgh to pick up Philip's trail. In Bannister's seventh superior police procedural set in the town of Castlemere The Hireling's Tale, etc. Liz Graham and Supt. Frank Shapiro must scramble to identify a psychopath whose alarming hoaxesDtainting a yogurt container and a.

Modern First Editions

Set in Northern Ireland, Bannister's third Brodie Farrell suspense novel after 's True Witness tells the emotionally draining tale of two sisters, year-old Juanita and year-old Emerald Daws, left alone in the world after their In British author Bannister's absorbing fifth mystery to feature Brodie Farrell after 's The Depths of Solitude , the scrappy sleuth helps Jared Fry, a petulant rock star, find a home for himself and his coterie-an ancient, former hotel known For the four years since those desperate hours on a snow-lashed Alaskan ridge, British climber Nicky Horn hasn't stopped blaming himself for the death of his best friend, Patrick Hanratty, in a fall.

Worse yet, neither has Patrick's gangster father. Stubborn morality and acid-tinged whimsy drive this superior stand-alone from British author Bannister Liars All and eight other Brodie Farrell mysteries. Recovering mental patient Gabriel Ash looks pathetic and vulnerable as he rambles through The police of Castlemere, England, try desperately to identify the person behind a brutal beating in this brilliantly plotted addition to a reliable British procedural series A Bleeding of Innocents, etc.

Though common purpose and mutual respect More from pw. PW's Best Books of PW Picks: Books of the Week. Children's Announcements. Sharjah International Book Fair. Stay ahead with Tip Sheet! Free newsletter: the hottest new books, features and more. Parts of this site are only available to paying PW subscribers. Thank you for visiting Publishers Weekly. Not ex-library; binding tight; small ownership label Photo:.

ISBN: Cotswold Internet Books Professional seller. Book, A first edition of this Castlemere mystery novel. At present, she lives in Northern Ireland. Condition: In a black cloth binding with original unclipped dustwrapper. Dustwrapper is smart also, with just a couple of marks. First Edition. Fine cloth copy in an equally fine dw.

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Not price-clipped. Particularly and surprisingly well-preserved; tight. Genre: Crime fiction. Summary: When researcher Brodie Farrell is asked to locate the whereabouts of a young man. Daniel Hood.

nutmitimugtia.tk Duly finds him. But a few days later Brodie is overcome by guilt. Daniel is in a life-threatening coma - if it wasn't for her efforts. So she resolves to do everything she can to bring Daniel's attackers to justice. Until he was snatched from his ordinary life. All he knows is that the men who hurt him were looking for someone called Sophie - and he doesn't know anyone of that name.

Broken Lines (A Castlemere mystery)

Daniel needs to understand what has happened to him and why he has been left scarred for life. The journey of discovery that he and Brodic embark upon leads them into a deeper and more complex tragedy than either first imagined.

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Weight in Kg appr. MW Books Professional seller. NY: Worldwide, c Reinbek bei Hamburg. Rowohlt Verlag. Sehr gut erhalten. Worpsweder Antiquariat Professional seller. London Piatkus 1st edition 8vo pp Fine with fine dustjacket, no marks or inscriptions. Horsham Rare Books Professional seller. Catalogue: Modern first editions.