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People who bought this also bought...

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Variant Covers and Other Work For Various Projects

Design a new logo for touring Electronic Artists. New Dance Teaching Format needs a powerful, unique, yet simplistic Logo. We offer dance teaching services in all styles, in the comfort of people's home or a dance space close-by. The mission. Using information from Brand and Personville's crooked chief of police, Noonan, the Op manages to extract and spread incriminating information to all of the warring parties.

When the Op reveals that a bank robbery was staged by the cops and one of the mobs to discredit another mob, a gang war erupts. The Op wakes up the next morning, though, to find Brand stabbed to death with the ice pick the Op handled the previous evening. No signs of forced entry are visible. The Op becomes a suspect sought by the police for Brand's murder, and one of his fellow operatives, Dick Foley, leaves Personville because he is uncertain of the Op's innocence.

Collins Drama - Black Harvest

The Op, now wanted by the police, entices Reno Starkey, a gang lieutenant, to take on the last strong rival mob, led by Pete the Finn. The last gangs are whittled down by pipe bombs, arson, gun fights, and corrupt cops gunning down the survivors. The Op tracks down Starkey, the only gang leader still alive. Starkey is bleeding from four gunshot wounds, having just killed mobster Whisper Thaler. Starkey reveals that he was the one who stabbed Brand, and that she had collided with the semiconscious Op so he looked like the culprit.

The corrupt police chief Noonan and the gang leaders are all dead. The Op blackmails Elihu Willsson into calling the governor, who sends in the National Guard, declares martial law, and suspends the entire police force. Elihu Willsson gets back his town, as promised, although not in the way that he had anticipated.

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  • Many major elements of the book were changed in the film, including most of the characters' names, and the film is not considered a faithful adaptation. Other scholars, such as Donald Richie , believe the similarities are coincidental. In Red Harvest , The Glass Key , and Yojimbo , corrupt officials and businessmen stand behind and profit from the rule of gangsters.

    In the early s, Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci considered filming an adaptation of the novel and wrote a first draft infused with political themes typical of his work. A short while after, he wrote a second draft that was more faithful to Hammett's story. At some point, Bertolucci discussed this project with Warren Beatty in Rome.

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    In , Bertolucci moved to Los Angeles to begin production, but the project was shelved. The Coen brothers ' film Blood Simple takes its title from a line in Red Harvest in which the Op tells Brand the escalating violence has affected his mental state: "This damned burg's getting me. If I don't get away soon, I'll be going blood-simple like the natives. The dialogue and plot of director Rian Johnson 's debut feature, Brick , was inspired by the novels of Dashiell Hammett, particularly Red Harves t.

    On other planets in space, sunset would be blue. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Red Harvest disambiguation. Project Gutenberg. Retrieved July 2,